Saturday, March 5, 2011


Sorry, had to make a Charlie Sheen reference! I've never liked the guy much but I'm loving his crazy. It's hilarious and I'm sorry, if someone was tasked to write a script for him to come off as crazy and hilarious they wouldn't have come close to what he's delivered in interviews. I do feel bad for this family though.

ANYWAY! I ended up getting sick. I was out of work Monday and Tuesday and still felt like crap Wednesday and Thursday. It was a bad cold and I had a low fever and then it turned into possible allergies. I had really bad itchy and watery eyes, no, really bad. I started taking Zyrtec on Friday because I can't function taking Benedryl. It knocks me out.

Long story short, not one workout this week, and even though I felt sick I had my appetite for the most part. I was super worried I'd have a decent gain but by some miracle of god (after the weekend and half-ass counting points while I was sick) I managed to be down .6!

I actually skipped my meeting today so I could sleep in and rest but I weighed on my home scale on Friday for work and again today. Today it says 173.6 and hey, I'll take it.

I'm thinking the previous few weeks of doing well helped me out but I can't mess around anymore. I am going to kick ass this week!

John and I have been talking about playing basketball for a while. We're huge Magic fans and besides that, I played basketball in middle school and high school. I was really into and actually pretty good. I was a really good shooter and really loved but what held be back was my lack of confidence and my sophomore year of HS the coach said I was too short to make varsity so I ended up quitting after that year. I regret it in some ways, I wish I had finished out HS playing. In middle school my dream was to play for the WNBA. I did go on to play lacrosse my junior year but I didn't have the same passion for it.

So yeah, the point of the story, we bought a ball and found a park to go play! It was beautiful out today and we shot around for a bit and then played a game of HORSE. I won! I didn't even get one letter! It took me a while to get my groove back and I'm by no means as good as I was in high school but it was fun! We did a little one on one too but I was so tired and out of breath I quit. I also made the mistake of wearing sandals and my sundress but I thought we were only going to play HORSE! :)

We had dinner out tonight at this Mexican place in Tampa called Algusto's. It's really good and if you're in Tampa I recommend it! We were pretty hungry after basketball so I went a little crazy with the chips but not too bad. We had some salsa and guacamole and then for my entree I got green mole chicken. I estimated the best I could with e-tools help and I estimated my meal to be 19 PP. Luckily I had 15 PP left and earned 1 AP.

We went to Urban Outfitters and then to Target to get some cleaning supplies (apartment cleaning mission tomorrow) and shared a frozen yogurt. When it was all said and done I used my 1 AP and 9 WAP. I don't like having to estimate but I did the best I could. E-tools said 5 PP for 15 tortilla chips (they were small size chips) which sounds low but I'm going to go with it.

Tomorrow I am planning to do an outdoor run while John bikes but it may rain. In that case I'll hit the gym for a run. I got some new knee things, patella bands(?) to try out instead of my shitty knee sleeves. I'll see if they help.

Okay, time for bed, I'm sleepy!

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