Sunday, February 27, 2011

party time

This will be a short post because I'm not feeling well. Last last light I started getting a sore throat and today it was still there and I feel a little weak and stuffy. Ick. :\

On to the good stuff, on Friday I had my weigh-in for the work Biggest Loser contest and I was down .6 and my teammate was down 1.4 so I was happy! We were heading out of town so I went to WW to weigh-in on Friday since I'd miss my meeting Saturday. My scale at home was an ass again and gave me the impression I'd be down a pound. I rush to get to my meeting and I stayed the same. Annoying.

Friday we went to a Magic game and it was really fun. We got sushi for dinner and I didn't track too well but I didn't go super crazy.

Saturday technically started my new week in terms of WW. Saturday was our engagement party! It was really nice and we had a great time. I didn't track and honestly didn't pay too much attention to what I ate. I don't think I went SUPER CRAZY OMG but I know I used a lot of WAP. I just went ahead and said I used all my 49 WAP for the week.

Today wasn't a perfect day like I'd hope and since I feel crappy I was sort of meh about things and ate random things throughout the day. Nothing crazy though I think I stayed in my dailies. I hope...

I have been bad about water since Friday and eating a lot of sodium so I really need to drink a ton of water the rest of this week and be super good. I am worried I will see a significant gain but I have to try and be positive and kick ass this week.

I have a feeling I may feel too icky to workout tomorrow but we'll see.

Time to go rest up but one last thing!

Congrats to Jen on finishing her first half-marathon with an awesome time!

John and I at our party. :)

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