Meet Danielle

My name is Danielle Richards and I am 25-year-old girl living in Tampa, FL.

I live with my fiance/best friend John and we have the best cat in the world, Dakota!

I am currently in the marketing industry but my background and degree is in mass communications/political science.

I started Weight Watchers on October 5th, 2005. I had joined many other times in my life but this was different. This time I stuck it out and succeeded.

I have never been "skinny" my entire life. I was always at least a little chubby growing up and until I was 19. When I was 19 I was having some health problems and a medication I started caused me to gain 30lbs. That 30lbs made me go from chubby to overweight. I was depressed because of the gain as well as my health at the time and went on to gain another 50lbs.

Luckily, after living a year basically alone while I was at college because I was too ashamed to go out and make friends, I decided I had to change my life.

Within approximately 15 months I lost 100lbs by following the Weight Watchers Points points program and exercising.

It wasn't easy but it wasn't impossible.

My first week of the program I lost almost 5lbs but my second week I gained. This was a turning point for me. It would have been so easy to give up but I stuck with it and the next week I was down again.

Facing the fact that you need to lose over 100lbs is daunting. It's down right scary. It's also possible.

In April 2007 I got to my lowest weight of 149.8 but the next week I was up and I plateaued around 155 for months.

My goal weight had always between 135 and 140 but I was never sure.

Over the next three years I went up and down but never got to my goal.

I am still here working towards that goal and I know I will get there.

My current goal weight is between 140 and 145 as I have decided that is more reasonable of a goal for my body and for maintaining.

John and I are planning to marry in March 2012. I hope to be at my goal weight well before that date.