Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear self, WTF?

I'm kind of annoyed with myself. I've been doing okay in terms of diet and exercises but I haven't been doing great.

I want to see bigger losses on the scale but how can I expect to if I'm not doing what it takes to achieve that?

I want to break back in to the 160s so bad and I could have done that by now if I had been more focused the past two months.

This morning my weight showed 174.0 at home. That is a little gain (around .4) from last week. Great.

Also, this past week I started snacking at night again. I guess it was silly of me to think the habit was gone for good.

My goals right now are to stop the night snacking again, but also, for this next week I want to not use any of my 49 WAP.

I know, I know, I've said this before and it's pretty hard to not use them but I feel like I want one full week of tough love/discipline.

Other than that, my excersie goals for the next week (which for me, starts over Saturday) are:

Sat. - basketball
Sun. - 5k run (outside, look for me on RunMeter)
Mon. - strength/cardio intervals
Tues. - off
Wed. - spin class
Thurs. - off
Friday - 30 min. run

If WHEN I stick to that plan, I know I'll see a 2+ pound loss.

I have to remember that in June I want to start trying on wedding dresses and I want to look and feel hot and I want to be at or under 160.

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