Monday, February 7, 2011

Good eats!

Last week I read an article about how people should be more aware of what they're putting in their bodies. John sometimes even gets on me about this with all the fat-free varieties of things I get.

After doing some reading I took a look in the fridge and noticed how many items I use all the time are filled with ingredients I can hardly even say! It's kind of scary if you think about, what are all these preservatives and chemicals going into our bodies?

Is it really worth me saving 1PP to put pure crap in my body?

That being said, this weekend when we went grocery shopping we bought some staples and aimed to get mostly all-natural, organic, preservative-free items. We couldn't do this for everything because we're realistic but we want to really make a big change for the larger percentage of our diet.

Our bill was about $35 more than usual, which isn't too bad but it still sucks. We shopped at Publix Greenwise Market in case you're wondering.

Last night we made organic pea soup with organic Canadian bacon in it and it was delicious! I had some left overs for lunch today. I also had a small piece of organic flax bread (can't remember the exact type) we got at the bakery and instead of using my typical I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray, I opted for 1tsp of butter! It was so much more delicious that way! It was worth the extra 1PP!

I just thought I'd touch on the subject. I definitely want to do more reading on making these big diet changes so if you have any suggestions please share!

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mathilda Dunn said...


I dig your blog and I hope you keep it up. I am a whole foods type of person myself, rather than chemically enhanced low fat/reduced calorie substitutes...even when it means more points (though I am "loosely" tracking these days).
Eager to hear about your journey in this area.