Sunday, February 6, 2011


I've debating stopping my blog a lot lately. I feel like no one really reads it or cares. For now I'll keep it I guess.

Just an FYI to those who do read. If you comment here (even as anonymous) I get notified of it.

I skipped WW this week. On Friday it looked like I'd be down half a pound to a pound but then Saturday it looked like I stayed the same. It really upset me because we event went for a bike ride Friday night to get in a little extra activity.

Yesterday we went out for Daniella's birthday. I went in with a "plan" but they ended up not having the original thing I saw on the menu. It was also a tapas-style place which meant sharing small plates. I tried to not go crazy but I still went over points. I estimated the best I could after but I still felt depressed.

My goal is to only use my dailies the rest of the week. I know it will be a challenge but I have to do it. I also want to earn at least 10 AP 15 AP would be ideal.

Today John and I rode our bikes to Target. It was 8.5 miles and it took us around 55 minutes including stops at cross walks etc. Our average pace was 9.24 mph which was pretty good as far as I am concerned.

We were going to go to Bern's Steakhouse on the Sunday before Valentines but today I told John I think we should postpone it and go after I've lost some weight. If we go I know it will result in me going WAY over points for that week. So we are going to go to Seasons 52 instead where I know I can control and count points a lot easier.

My workout plan for this week is:
-Sunday: bike ride
-Monday: 5k run
-Tuesday: rest day
-Wednesday: spin class
-Thursday: cross train/upper body strength (will have to do over lunch)
-Friday: 30 min. run

If I can stick to that and stay in my daily points I know I'll see a good loss Saturday.

I am really going to try hard to lose 6lbs by our engagement party. I have three weeks which means three weeks of kicking ass is needed.

That's all for now. I hope next time I post it's with good news and it's more positive.


Cecilia said...

Hey girl,
I'm a fairly new reader to your blog. I'm not sure how I came across it, but I added it to my google reader.
Anyway, I rejoined Weight Watchers in December after a year of being off it. I only got serious about it at the beginning of January, but know the struggles you go through because I go through the same things. I feel like if I splurge one day, it will show up on the scale and I'll be discouraged.
What really helped me this week was taking my measurements and progress photos and comparing them to about a month ago. Even though I went up the last 2 weeks, seeing that I had indeed made some progress over a month helped me stay on track this week.
No matter how lousy I'm feeling, I don't skip the meetings because I find them so motivational. If you don't, maybe you need a new leader or a new group. The one I started off with in December didn't work for me so I switched days. At this week's meeting, I dreaded going because I had splurged badly over the weekend (my weigh-ins are on Monday) and I felt terrible! This lady in line was talking to me, asking me how it went, and then she told me that she's lifetime and she never looks at her weight on the weight tracker and never did before. If she did, it would mess with her head. Just talking to her helped me a lot, and I felt so much better when I did actually look and saw that I'd only gone up 0.8.
Anyway, I hope you have a good week! You can do it :D

George said...

I usually comment to the link on FB. Since I'm not normally logged into blogger, it's just easier. Not that I don't read. It's easier to comment or like elsewhere.

Danielle said...

@Cecilia: Thanks for the comment! I used to be super dilligent about not missing meetings but lately I miss a lot more. I think I need to find a new meeting that I enjoy! I hope you have a good week too!