Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A bad run and negative talk.

So yesterday after work I set-off to the gym to run a 5k distance. I haven't run in a week (other than short 1 mile cardio intervals) so I want to get a decent distance in. I ran 4 miles on my last run and it was a great run.

It was gross, dark and rainy out yesterday when I got out of work so I headed down the gym in the building. There are two treadmills there, one was taken and the gym was pretty crowded so I was lucky to snag one. I was cranky about it though because the open one is the one I hate. I feel like that treadmill sucks. It's harder for me to run on, always. I don't know if it has a natural incline or if it's just a POS and I can tell but whatever.

I started off my run listening to Glee songs and it didn't take long for this run to turn into the worst run ever.

My whole body felt heavy, from my legs to my torso. I felt like I was a brick. On top of that, my pelvic organs started to hurt (almost like cramps) and after the second mile the top of my left foot started to get a pain.

To top it off, I was wearing a shitty pair of workout capris that kept sagging and it made me feel like my stomach was bouncing more so that turned into me thinking how fat I was the whole time.

No wait, something else happened to annoy me! Around mile 2 when I was struggling hardcore, the other treadmill opens up and this tiny, fit girl comes on and starts running at a 6.5 like it's nothing. I'm not a bitter person, and today I say good for her but yesterday it was the last thing I felt like seeing. There I was struggling only to be next to Miss Fitness USA.

There was a lot of negative talk going on in my head. I won't go into details but it sucked. I questioned myself  Am I really a runner? I don't think I am, I should stop.

Between mile 2 and 3.1 I almost stopped at least twice if not three times. I slowed down to a 4.6 at times with the intention of giving up but then I'd kick back to a 4.8-5.0 and make myself go. I started to even feel nauseated towards the end. I know people say you should listen to your body but I thought my body was being a baby and I hate giving up.

When it was all said and done, I completed my 5k. It wasn't the pace I would have liked to keep but I didn't quit.

So why was this run so horrible?

I'm sure it had to do with the 8.5 mile bike ride from Sunday. My legs aren't used to that and I'm sure that is why they felt heavy. My body was probably having an off day, simple as that. I know I can bust our four miles at a 12/min mile when I'm feeling good. Yesterday just wasn't one of those days.

Anyway, I am also happy to report I have not snack at night the past two nights! I know I have to stay in the habit a lot longer but I'm happy because I've consciously told myself NO when the thought has crossed my mind!

I'm hoping to see a good loss on Saturday. I just need to keep this up!

Workout plan recap:
Sunday - 8.5 mile bike ride X
Monday - 5k run X
Tuesday - off X
Wednesday - spin class
Thursday - cross train
Friday - strength/cardio intervals

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