Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trying to stay positive.

I checked my weight this morning and it wasn't showing a loss. I felt really disappointed because while this week isn't perfect, it's going pretty well.

Monday I had a great workout, I ran two miles, did upper body strength training and incorporated time on the stair climber to keep my heart rate up.

Yesterday I was off from the gym because I had a lot of chores to do.

Today I am working out over lunch. If I have time, I'll go a Body Sculpt class at noon, if not just hitting the regular machines and weights.

Thursday is a 5k run and Friday I am doing some cross training and weights over lunch.

I need to stay focused with my workouts, stay in my daily points and watch my sodium. I really hope I see at least a two pound loss on Saturday.

In other news, John and I have been thinking a lot about our wedding and are coming up with fun ideas for things. I'm so excited to see it come together over the next year. :)

We got our engagement photos back, they are great! If we're friends on Facebook please check them out.

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