Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving week is here/weigh-in!

Back to back posts, that is serious.

So I missed last week's weigh-in but I weighed at home and figured I was up about .6 so that put me at 178.

This week I weighed in at 177.8 so that is technically down .2 even though it's a gain on my sticker in my book!

John's birthday is today and last night we went to Ceviche with a bunch of friends. It was really good and fun! Daniella and I made a pact not to go crazy with eating and we did pretty good.

I had to estimate but I think I'm safe saying I used 17 points, plus we danced later at Czar!

Assuming my points calculations are correct, I have 30 WAP remaining. My goal is to earn 11 AP by Thursday too.

I don't love Thanksgiving foods so there is no reason for me to go crazy. We are going to be at my parents house and my mom is a WW member so that helps a lot. I may even make a baked potato for myself as a side so I can avoid higher point sides. :)

I decided to skip the Turkey Trot and save the $60 to sign John and myself up. I'll do a 3 mile run Thursday morning on my own.

There is one more challenge this week! On Tuesday at work we are going to my boss' house at 3 for a "Thanksgiving Fiesta." Crap. I'm bringing ground turkey breast and I think I'll also bring a bag of salad so I can eat it as a salad and skip taco shells etc.

I have to be strong if I want to wear my dress in NYC! I tried it on yesterday and it was closer but still tight.

In other news, I've decided to do a 9-day cleanse. I know, I know...sort of goes against my general attitude regarding weight-loss but with the success I've had with my acupuncturist for pain I trust her that this cleanse will be good for my body (IBS, overall health) as well as help get a few pounds off.

I will keep a detailed story of the 9 days (starting the day after Thanksgiving) and post it after. Hey, maybe I'll find it was legit and recommend it or maybe I'll find I was an idiot. Either way, I'm taking the chance...

Hope everyone has a great week!

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