Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just stopping by to check in...

Lately I've felt meh about my blog. I get minimal response to it (love all the people who do respond!) so it's not much of a motivator in that sense.

I missed my weigh-in today because I'm in Orlando. John and I came here Wednesday night to spend a long weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday.

His mom. step-dad and grandpa came for dinner Thursday. It was a nice time.

At night I watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince since I finally finished the book last week!

Just started Deathly Hollows tonight!

Anyway, I weighed this morning (brought my scale) and I appear to be the same or possibly down a half pound. Hard to tell since I'm not weighing in at my apartment (does that matter I wonder if it's the same scale?).

I started the cleanse I'm trying out. Today is day 1 of the intense cleanse part. It's going okay. I'm not going to tell you what the cleanse is until I finish it. Tomorrow is another hard day and then Monday through Friday is easier and I finish off with two more serious cleanse days.

I normally hate upon such things but I trusted my acupuncturist and went with it.

I'm going to WW next Saturday to learn the new program and hope this will kick start me in a good way for the new WW program.

Off I go...

p.s. Family is eating pizza in the other room. FML!

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