Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Hi it's me, I'm bored again..."

Okay, I'm not really bored, but I wanted to make a quick post.

So far this week is going pretty well. I have 20 WAP remaining and by Saturday should have earned 10-11 AP.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt a long run. I am going to go four miles minimum but push for five. Keeping my knees in mind I won't over do it if I feel pain.

I am not that worried about the 10k on Saturday. I know I'll get though it even if I don't get a PR. Although a PR would be a nice surprise!

The weather for Sunday says it will be a high of 80 and a low of 54. The previous nights low is 56 so I'm thinking at 7:30 a.m. it will be really nice for the race!

There are only two water stops on the course so I may try and carry a bottle with me but I haven't decided yet.

I'm excited to do the race, running is hard but rewarding and I love the feeling of finishing a race. Part of me is still contemplating the Disney Princess Half but with the knee issues I may just do the Gasparilla 15k that weekend.

I'll leave you with some canoe photos from the weekend!

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