Saturday, October 16, 2010

The weekend is here and the cool weather is back!

It started getting warmer again this week but now it's cooled off again.

Yesterday after work I went for a 3.1 mile run. I wanted to do 4 but my knees were not happy. Ugh. I have to be better about doing my PT exercises.

John is in Portland so last night I did some chores, ran to Petsmart to get kitty food and then relaxed and watched Order of the Phoenix since I just finished the book.

What a HORRIBLE representation of the book. I can't remember if the first four movies were that bad but being that the book was fresh in my mind I was able to detect a lot of crap. I understand needed to leave things out, cut things short but why change things you include?

The one thing I will say is that the casting they did for the movies is really on point. There are only a few characters I don't think fit well. Even Hermione, who people say Emma Watson is too pretty to play, does a good job portraying the character.

In other news, I had weigh-in today. I knew I'd be up. I didn't do good enough to come off a week of a 3.6lb loss and lose. I was only up 1 so not that bad.

My goal this week is to be really strict with points, get my workouts in and lose at least 2!

My mom and sister are on their way here now so I better run! We are going to do some shopping and paint pottery. I think we may do sushi for dinner. We were debating a Lebanese place  but it will be hard to stay OP there.

I have more to say but I'll update again tomorrow!

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