Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello, hello...

Thought I'd post a mid-week update.

Over the second half of the weekend my stomach was still acting up. I felt really sick Sunday after meeting up with Daniella. I came home and took a 2 hour nap and had some ginger ale and felt better.

On Monday UPS came and delivered my dress I bought from Urban Outfitters. I can get it on but it doesn't fit well. It's too tight in my hips (which is odd because I don't have big hips) and it won't zip well over my busy area.

The dilemma came up on whether or not I should keep the dress and hope that I achieve my 13.4 loss before the trip or return it. It's a $65 gamble!

I decided to keep it and see where I am in a month (30 day return policy). The dress is really, really nice and I want to keep it and wear it so GAME ON!

This week has been okay so far. Okay isn't going to be enough to get to that goal. I did a short workout Monday night and did a little cross training (30 min.) and yesterday I did a kickboxing class which was pretty good.

Tonight we are going to see The Flaming Lips but since the show starts late I am going to fit in a quick 30 Day Shred workout when I get home.

Tomorrow is an off day since I have acupuncture but Friday I am going for a 4-5 mile run outside afterwork. The high is only 81 so it should be beautiful outside! :)

I checked my weight today and I was about the same. I really want to lose at least 1lb this week so I need to be perfect with my points over the next three days! I can do it!

In other news John will be out of town Thursday through Monday for his 10-year HS reunion. :( Luckily my mom and sister are coming to visit on Saturday and Sunday. :)

I also have another long run planned for Sunday.

Last but not least, I finished Order of the Phoenix! Two books left!
Okay, I better go!

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Anonymous said...

LOL@ "it doesn't zip well in my busy area"

I think that was a typo. I THINK.