Thursday, October 7, 2010

Quick update: physical therapy

So I had my first PT appointment tonight for my knees.

The doctor thinks my inner leg muscles (hard to explain) are weak and the outer are a tight which is pulling my kneecap out to the side a bit.

He went over a handful of exercises with me that I will do at home.

He also watched me run and pointed out I'm a heel striker and and that I should try and hit more mid-foot.  He also explained how my form is sort of a up and down motion which is causing more impact on my knees and that I should focus on more of a leaning forward motion (reminds me of what I've read about chi running).

The doctor is also a runner so that was cool.

He recommended me taking it easy with the running which I don't want to do. I told him that I'm doing a 10k in about a month and he said to at least maybe skip long runs for the next week or two.

So yeah, that is all!

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