Thursday, September 9, 2010

A win and a loss plus peas on the knees.

So I went on the treadmill at work and knocked out the 5.25 miles. It wasn't easy and my inner whiner was being really loud from miles 2 to 3. It was nice being able to watch shows on my iPhone. I ended up watching the LOST Pilot part 1 and some of part 2. I love that show so much. I started to get emotional during the first five minutes. True LOST fans will understand.

So anyway, big win! I drove home and was famished. So hungry! I thought I had a game plan for dinner but I thought wrong.

I got in the kitchen and tried to think what would be fast. I had spelt pretzels and hummus. I took a pre-portioned container of hummus that we get for John to bring to work. Turns out it was 4 points and if you add the pretzels there was 6. All my points...

I felt ravenous and thought "I can't just eat that!" So I had 1oz of sliced turkey (1) and then made an Amys veggie burger on a sandwich thin (1).

In addition to this I had some carrots with mustard (0) but the next grab is what killed me.

The evil dark chocolate. Generally I am okay with dark chocolate in the house. Well tonight I took a 1/4th of the bar I picked this weekend. Okay, fine, wanted something sweet...then I went back for more. I ate half the bar which clocked in at 5 points. Fuck. My. Life.

I am typing this now to vent because I feel sad, ashamed and like I've failed.

I did a run for nothing? No, I know that isn't true. I built my endurance and my body is burning fat more efficiently (thank god). I just feel disappointed.

Week after week I say "This week I am going to stay in my daily points!" and I've yet to do that.

Sure, I have 5 WAP left for the week and have 13 activity points untouched but it still sucks.

I think this next week I'm going to post my daily points in here. Maybe if I feel accountable to you guys it will help me.

Does anyone have advice for what to do when you're feeling exhausted and famished after a long run and need to eat? I guess planning is key and I was sort of winging it.

Back when I was doing my best on WW and losing mostly every week I was too far on the other side. I remember eating chocolate one night and trying to make myself throw up. I couldn't and was so upset. So I went to the gym for the second time that day to burn off more points. That isn't healthy. I never made that behavior a habit but even though I was losing I wasn't in a good place either.

I need to find a good in between place.

Oh, I almost forgot, I'm about to put a bag of peas on my knees and ice them. They hurt. :(

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Jessica said...

Great job on the 5.25 miles! Don't beat yourself up about the points you went over. You more than made up for them on the treadmill. That's what AP's are there for; to be eaten! You EARNED that dark chocolate! :D Keep going and don't let a little chocolate get in your way!