Thursday, September 9, 2010

Running pains...

So yesterday I set off for my 5.25 mile run. The whole thing turned into one big problem.

Let's start off with the fact that I went to use the gym in my office building and there are only two treadmills. There is the one I like and the one that for some reason I decided I don't like. No reason really, both are in good condition and work fine. I think it's because at some point I decided the one I now don't like has a smidge of an incline to it even when it's at a 0. So naturally that was the only one open.

I sucked it up and got going. At around my first mile I was really uncomfortable and had to pee. I sighed and paused it and ran to the bathroom. I got back on and I still felt like I had to pee. Ugh! I kept going...

The first two miles I was also experiencing gastrointestinal distress. It was really uncomfortable and getting annoying fast.

Mind you, this whole time my "inner whiner" was out in full force. I kept ignoring it and kept trying to focus on my running.

Then out of no where my facial pain (I have a mystery facial neuralgia I get acupuncture for) started going wild. It generally is very mild since I started acupuncture. That turned into a headache which minutes later turned into sharp pains in my shoulders. What, the, frack?

That was it. I hit stop just short of 3 miles and then walked for 5 minutes.

I felt a bit defeated and headed home.

Some days you're on and some days you're off. I know my body is conditioned and fully capable of going 5.25 miles but today I just had to listen to all it's complains and let it rest.

When I got home John informed me I can get a Netflix app for my iPhone and watch movies on it! I wish I knew this earlier!

Today I am going to kill the 5.25 mile run while I watch the pilot episode of LOST. I've seem the entire series but I love it. <3

Tomorrow I rest and the 5k is Saturday!


Kitzzy said...

Sorry to hear about your bad run, but good that you know that sometimes your on and sometimes you aren't and it's just how it goes.

You may be pushing yourself too hard, and not just the pace (though that could be it too). Typical training schedules for any distance only call for 1 long run per week at a slower pace. The other 2-3 runs should be shorter and can be done faster. This prevents burn out and allows ample recovery to avoid injury and have more energy to tackle those long runs (which are the key to endurance training). So you should limit the 5+ miles runs to 1 per week and run about 2-3 miles for the rest of the runs. You should specially not do 2 5+ mile runs in a row. your body needs more recovery time than that.

Hang in there and good luck on your 5k this weekend!

Danielle said...

@Kitzzy, I think I might have mad my plan a little too aggresive, especially now that it's towards the end. I have three long runs a week and two are back to back days. Ack! I just revised it a bit. I look forward to seeing what you help Jen put together for the half since that is prob. what I'll model mine from if I do it. :)

Kitzzy said...

Yeah that kind of progression is fine up to the 5k mark but once you are running for an hour or more those runs need to be just once a week. I always take a rest day before and after long runs to make sure I have fresh legs going into it and time to recover after. Biking the day after a long run though is usually really good active recovery.

If you do it? No way! WHEN you do it ;)

Danielle said...

@Kittzy: Yeah I def. adjusted what I'm doing these last few weeks. I was doing three long runs and two were back to back days. Oopps!

I say if because part of me doubts that I'll be able to do it. I want to focus in building my speed on shorter distances (50, even 10k). Plus like I said on LJ I want to try and focus more on eating right and I'm afraid the half-trianing will sort of overpower that for me. :(

Kitzzy said...

Well, even if you don't do it now, you will eventually! :) I know you CAN do it. You have been rocking those 5 mile runs so you are already always halfway there ;)

You can eat right and still train, but yeah its challenging. Planning meals ahead of time will certainly help and keeping bad foods out of the house.

Good luck with your decision!