Sunday, September 12, 2010

Inaugural Lockheed Martin 5k Run/Walk

So on Saturday I went to the Lockheed Martin Inaugural 5k run/walk. Considering it was their first one it was pretty well organized. It started and 8 a.m. and after standing outside for only a half hour I was already sweating. Ugh, Florida...

I'd say only 100-150 people were there so it was nice to run in a race that wasn't that crowded.

Boom! We went off and I tried to start off with a faster pace, nothing crazy but I tried what I thought would be close to a 10 minute mile pace but slowed a little. It's really hard for me to tell me how fast I'm going. I could really use a gps watch! Anyway, I got to the mile one water station around 10:32 from what I remember and was shocked but kept going. The course was a little boring on a road that went around the facility but the part I hated was the road was a tad slanted and I was worried that was going to hurt my knees but it seemed okay.

When I got to the mile two water station but I can't remember what my watch said. It was hot and I wanted to keep going. I walked through the water stations which I actually think helped my pace.

When I was getting close to the finish line I looked at my watch and went WOAH and tried to pick it up. The race was very casual and there wasn't a clock (just a woman yelling out times as people crossed) so I was glad I timed it on my watch.

I crossed at 32:27 and was so excited but also skeptical. I felt like it was too good to be true. I thought the course seemed short and maybe it wasn't really 3.1 miles?

It was a personal record 5k time! I beat my last 5k time by 5 minutes! It's been two months since my last race.

I got home and immediately went on this gps map and took the race map with me. It came out to 3.1! Well, a little over but it's probably impossible to be 100 percent exact. 

I think it comes down to the fact I'm used to running longer distances now that the 3.1 seemed shorter.

Part of me still finds it hard to believe but I need to stop that nonsense and own my success! I saw the verified fact so it's time to celebrate!

Other things to note:

My knees felt okay after the race. I made sure to stretch good. Today was a rest day and tomorrow I have a long run (5.5 miles) and I think I'll be okay for it.

My race bib with date and time:

All my race bibs since I had started Couch to 5k:

Time to clean up from dinner and get ready for True Blood and my favorite, Mad Men!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of your diligence with the running. Seeing all those bibs is a great reflection of your accomplishments and you should be very proud of yourself.

I couldn't even keep up with drinking water every day and logging my progress. I need to really get on that again. I'm going to have kidney stones. lolz.