Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Keepin' on keepin' on...

So I am still finding myself doubting my 5k time from Saturday. What is wrong with me? I checked the course! I guess it's an effect of a low self-esteem. :\

Yesterday I was going for my long run of the week, 5.5 miles. My knees felt iffy all day so I told myself I'd play it by ear and if I wasn't feeling good I'd swap it for a shorter run and do the 5.5 another day.

Apparently Monday runs = runs with all types of issues. My knees felt eh but I had more GI distress and also I was getting a sharp pain where one of my incisions was from my surgery in February. It could have actually been related to the GI distresses. Sigh.

So you could probably guess I wrapped it up around 3.1 Long run attempt #2 will be Wednesday. I want today to be an easy day so I'm just going to do 30 Day Shred level two or Shred It!

My midnight snacking has been bad again. I'm completely aware of my snacking (not sleep walking or anything) but I wake up to pee and feel like I need to snack. It sucks starting the day with -4 points. I will beat this bad habit!

I just had lunch and it was delicious! I had a small sandwich using one slice of 15-grain bread, sliced chicken breast, lettuce and a tiny bit of light mayo and mustard. Yum! This bread held up really nicely sitting in the fridge overnight! I also had a side of my new love, chick pea salad! Yon can make any variation but I used: can of chick peas, reduced fat feta, English cucumber, tomato, 1tbsp EVOO, white balsamic, salt pepper - yum! It's approx. 2 points for half of a cup.

In muh belly now!

In other news I've been falling off the wagon with the no soda/caffeine thing. I realized today I've been allowing too many "once in a whiles," so I am cutting it out 100 percent again.

Finally, I am very hot and cold about this half marathon in February. Especially now with the knee pain. I def. want to wait to see what a doctor recommends.

Tonight I need to start Order of the Phoenix!

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