Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid-week update

So far the week is going well. My reward jar has proved thus far to be successful. Last night was my first night since Saturday where I didn’t get any stones.

I went one point over for the day (over my earned APs that is) and in addition snacked at night. I am trying to think of what spurred it. I think part of it was I was very emotional last night about Dakota right before I went to bed and the other part was that I didn’t eat a filling enough dinner (not enough protein). Such is life, must move on!

Today I am determined to get my two stones! I am heading home after work to get to the leasing office because my knee sleeves arrive today. I hope they fit. I had a bit of a measurement error so it might be close.

Yesterday after I work I went to a kickboxing class! My company offers some free group fitness classes. In the past they’ve offered step which I pass on because I hate step (a sprained ankle waiting to happen if you ask me!) but they just recently offered a three class series for kickboxing so I signed up for all three right away.

I was worried it wasn’t going to be a good workout but it was tough and I was sweating! I could tell right away I was working areas I haven’t in a while with all the running. It’s good to mix things up!

A new product shout out! John and I splurged and bought a $9 jar of Barney Butter! It’s a very smooth almond butter. Most almond butter is grittier but this brand is the same smooth consistency of creamy peanut butter. It’s also made in a peanut-free facility so great for people with peanut allergies. I always hear people rave about it on the food blogs I read so I had to try it. I’ve behaved so well with it too! I have 1tbsp on toast for breakfast with some sliced banana. Yum!

Tonight I’m doing level 2 of 30 Day Shred and making Greek Turkey Burgers and soup for dinner. Yum!

I also hope to read more Harry Potter. I’m on Order of the Phoenix. No spoilers! So far my favorite character is Sirius Black by far!

Speaking of Harry Potter, I think we might go to Universal Saturday for the day. I told John I have to go to my WW meeting so I may be hitting up the 6:30 a.m. meeting. UGH!

Overall I’m still upset about Dakota but trying to remain positive. Talked with his vet yesterday. He has moderate heart disease but some key parts of his heart look good which is great news. He will start taking a beta-blocker medication 2x a day to slow his heart rate so his heart doesn’t work so hard. She said he should continue to act normal and in 6 months we will repeat the echocardiogram and hope that we find his heart disease has not progressed. Sigh.

Here is me pretending to sleep when Dakota was snuggling with me the other night while I was reading. :)

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