Friday, September 17, 2010

Are you really eating that?

Let me begin by saying I hate snobs. Snobs of all kids. Music snobs, fitness snobs, people who think they are smarter or better or you for stupid reasons.

That being said, I realize not everyone is going to be able to have a strict fitness routine, eat organic, run, diet diligently etc. Are we all capable of it? Sure. There is just that one little thing that gets in the

I've seen people complain about others at the gym not working hard enough etc. Sure, have there been times when all the treadmills have been taken and I get stuck with an old crappy one while I grumble at a woman walking at 2.0 on another good treadmill? Sure. I always realize though that no matter how little (or how much) someone is doing at least they're doing it.

That brings me to my complaint. I just don't understand how people can eat such CRAP. Sure at one point I ate crap too but now that I'm on the other side it just disgusts me.

I've been a pretty healthy eater for the past five years. Sure I've had issues with weight-loss but it's not because I go binge on Taco Bell or eat two hot dogs at a game. That stuff doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. That gets me is that I overeat healthy stuff and a calorie is a calorie in a lot of ways.

So anyway, I just went down to the cafeteria at work to get a salad and I arranged a nice bow. Spinach, veggies, kidney and garbanzo beans and about 2 oz of chicken. While waiting in line to pay I thought how delicious my lunch looked.

I looked up and saw the man paying. A plate full of crap. Okay, I'll give him a break, he did have a piece of grilled tilapia (although I personally learned the hard way the fish here is a bad idea) but his plate also had a huge pile of some scary mixture of what appeared to be baked beans with cut up hot dogs and another pile of some sort of cheesy potato au gratin.

It looked so gross to me. "How can someone want to eat that?" I thought.

I know not everyone is like me and finds that stuff tasty and would consider it a treat and that is fine. It just got me thinking of the bigger picture and how I really wish people would take more responsibility for their health.

Let's be honest, It's safe to assume this man (like many) eat this crap for lunch (and possibly dinner) every day.

It's easy to pick up a Stoffers Lasagna and feed a family of 6 but it requires more time and money to prepare a healthy dish. I know some people swear you can shop healthy and have it be affordable but on the other hand it's true that buying crap is cheaper. Sad...

I just wanted to reflect while I ate lunch...

I am confident that through the rest of my life I will continue to eat healthy and promote healthy eating with my family. I even plan to eat mostly organic one day when I'm pregnant if I can't swing it before then.

Final note on the matter! John and I are hoping to have a healthy Thanksgiving with our families this year and assist in a lot of the cooking. Lots of veggies (roasted beets!) and even mashed cauliflower!


p.s. Dakota is good. He just had a stressful day yesterday. I am taking him for his echocardogram Monday morning. They will have to shave off his fur on his side. :( Everyone please pray his heart is in good shape!


Tamara said...

Buying crap is easier, not cheaper. I live on a really tight budget but still manage to eat healthy. Basic staples (rice, beans, canned/frozen fruits & veggies, etc.) aren't pricier than pre-packaged frozen junk, they just take more work to make into a meal. I think it's combination of laziness and lack of knowledge that lead people to go for the unhealthy options on a regular basis, more so than cost.

The primary issue though is choice. People are adults and are forced to make choices every day on how to properly care for themselves. I used to constantly judge what people ate and how they worked out (or didn't, rather) and this internal judging even expanded to my friends and family. That's when I knew it was time to stop.

Although transitioning into a healthy lifestyle starts with the best intentions, it can sometimes lead to a "holier than thou" attitude toward just about anyone who isn't jumping on the same bandwagon. In my experience, I've found it best to just focus on my own choices and know that I'm doing what's best for *me*, not anyone else. And just because I pulled a 180 and completely changed my way of eating and exercising, doesn't mean other overweight Jane/John Does are going to do the same. Can they? Absolutely. Anybody can. But will they? Not if they don't feel like it.

Sure, it's sad to see people waste money (and health) on a candy bar instead of buying a banana or apple for just a few pennies, but y'know what? Oh well. If they're happier with the candy bar, who am I to judge? I still buy my M&M's and Pizza Hut from time to time, so I completely understand why people make those types of purchases. Granted, I eat healthier and exercise more often than not, but most strangers don't know that about me and probably don't care. So I like to keep that in mind when I'm at the grocery store, a restaurant or the gym.

Snobbery takes a bit of effort to achieve, where as silent judging is sometimes inadvertent and more reactionary. Doesn't mean it can't be stopped.

Tamara said...
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