Thursday, September 16, 2010

5.5 miles, my knees and Dakota

So yesterday after work I completed a 5.5 mile run. That is my longest distance to date. I ran the entire time at a 12 minute mile pace. For the most part I felt good but the second I slowed down to walk when I finished my knees felt swollen and tight. It was bad. I walked a bit and then did stretches which immediately helped.

When I got home I iced on and off two times and took Advil. Today my knees actually feel okay. Resting up today and I'm going to do a light run tomorrow. Possibly cross train if I feel sore.

I have an appt. with a sports medicine/orthopedic doctor next Friday.

In the mean time I have order knee sleeves which will arrive Wednesday and should help offer my knees support.

Last night I was famished from what the run took out of me and ended up going over points. I know it was necessary to refuel my body but I hate feeling like I'm overeating!

- - - -

In other news I am having a bad day. We took my cat Dakota to the vet today for is annual exam/shots and a teeth cleaning.

Turns out he needs two teeth extracted because they have resorptive lesions (apparently pretty common) and the vet called me to tell me she doesn't feel comfortable having him sedated given the higher grade of his heart murmur. It's a 4 out of 6. You'd never know he had an issue unless you listened to his heart.

Long story short John and I are going to be putting out a lot of money in the next month.

Monday I have to miss half a day of work to take him to the vet cardiologist. I might ask about working from home that day as I have VDI access.

I'm just super upset that something might be wrong with Dakota's heart and that he will have to have teeth extracted. I cried hysterically to John after the vet called me. Not to mention the financial burden this puts on us. However, we are blessed that we have the means to take care of all this stuff for our little guy and help him have a long, happy and healthy life.

So glad today is a rest day and an acupuncture day so tonight will be relaxing in bed with Dakota which is favorite thing (see below)! <3

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