Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 7 of 10k training/weigh-in (or lack there of) + 5 miles!

I have to be quick but I wanted to post!

First off, week 7 of training was my first week I missed more than one day and I ended up missing TWO long runs. I missed both my 4.75 mi runs. By Sunday my feet hurt from walking around theme parks and standing at the concert I was done! My 4.5 mile run I had posted about which I did last Monday outside went great at least.

I ended up missing my meeting and it was hard for me to say my weight based on my home scale and to be honest I can't even remember! I was too excited to get to Orlando!

Points went okay over the weekend/trip. The only bad meal I had was Friday night when we were rushing to eat at House of Blues. I had a bad veggie burger (bad as in on a kaiser bun and cheddar cheese) and sweet potato fries! I was famished by the time we ate and literally had 30 min. until doors! Luckily that was Friday so it didn't fall into my new week. :x

Other than that I ate well over the weekend.

So yesterday I looked at my training plan and low and behold it was a 5 mile run! CRAP!

I decided to do the run indoors on the treadmill to help me ease into it and I said I'd take it one mile at a time and had to at least complete 4 miles. I knew the 5 miles would take about an hour. I just kept pushing and although my speed wasn't great I finished all 5 miles in just under 60 minutes! :)

Only 1.2 miles to add onto my time!

I've decided that once I run my 10k on October 2nd I'm going to stop working on distance and focus in increasing my pace to 10 min. miles.

I currently have no desire to train for a half-marathon so I want to focus my energy on increasing speed.

That's all for now!

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