Wednesday, August 25, 2010

this and that

So I am writing right now in a word document since my internet at work gives me

“quota time” for websites such as social networking and sadly my blog falls into that sad trap.

Later when I use my sacred time I will log-in and post this!

I’m not really sure what I want to say yet. I just feel like talking. I’m not even sure who reads this anymore. I rarely get comments so it’s hard to say.

After Sunday’s run I was pretty beat. The heat really drains you! John and I may re-try this route in the evening on Sunday or just do our neighborhood run since it might be better lit. Although at night we run the risk of mosquitoes. Ugh!

On Monday I wasn’t feeling that great, a little nauseated and really tired and just blah. I was toying with the idea of skipping the gym and kept thinking how over the past six weeks I’ve yet to miss a long run day and I didn’t want to start now.

The weather here has been crappy for weeks. Raining every day and dreary, it sucks! However, late Monday afternoon I noticed it had been overcast for several hours with no rain. I checked the weather and it was 82 feels like 86 with 87 percent humidity so I decided to try my run outside after work.
I used a GPS map to determine I had to run six laps around the big lake at work to get to 4.5 miles. I’d at least try and see how I felt.
I ended up finishing all six laps without stopping to walk! The weather wasn’t that bad and I had some cool breeze and light drizzle here and there.

Around lap three, I got a little bored with the circles but it was still 100 times better than a treadmill starring at a wall. Plus the outdoor running is getting me ready for the 10k which is just over a month away!
When I finished I actually ended up going 4.6 miles so a touch over my 4.5 even.

Yesterday I had an annoying day at work and ended up having to do something at home in the evening. My body felt a little tired and I figured running over 8 miles in the last two days (which for me is a lot!) I’d rest my body. Not to mention I feel like something could be coming on cold-wise so I took Emergen-C and rested up!
Today is my rest day which I will also be using to rest since my throat still feels iffy. I took an Airborne earlier and will take another one in a few hours. STAY AWAY SICKNESS!
Tomorrow is normally my cross train or short run and strength day but I’m doing to do my long run instead.

Friday I am off work for a vacation day and I’m going to do a quick workout with 30 Day Shred as my cross training. So basically I’m switching Thursday and Friday this week.

Friday we are heading to Orlando and seeing the Deftones! Woo! We have to arrive early for my meet and greet and then we are getting dinner at the House of Blues restaurant since we won’t have a lot of time before doors and we will also get a skip the line pass so we don’t have to wait in as long of a line to get in! They have a chicken and fish dish that should be good options to choose from.

Saturday we are going to Aquatica (the Sea World water park) so I’ll get in some walking around. Later in the day we may hit up and outlet mall so overall I’ll get a decent amount of activity.

We are going to dinner at Seasons 52 Saturday night which I’m excited about because it’s always good and very Weight Watchers friendly.

Sunday depending on weather we are planning on stopping by Sea World early when the park opens to ride their coaster Manta since we haven’t done it. We’ll probably do a few more rides and head home.

We’ll have to address laundry and groceries when we get home (ugh!) but we also plan to do a long run/bike ride Sunday evening.

I’m excited for the fun and busy weekend!

Things lately have been up and down as far as things going on in life but I’m so happy I have John. I love him so much!

The end.

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