Sunday, August 15, 2010

Outdoor run aka reality check!

So John got a bike today and we were really excited so I could start some outdoor runs while he bikes!

We got a bike rack that holds two bikes (for when I eventually get one!) and headed home.

John got a Schwinn Tourist hybrid bike that was decently priced in the mid-range and had good reviews!

We had dinner around 6:30 and I had some salmon and baked parsnip fries. They turned out meh so I won't mention recipes.  I got wild caught (no more farm raised!) salmon from Whole Foods and it wasn't completely de-boned. :(

Anyway around 7:30 p.m. we decided to head out before it got too late which turned out to be a bad idea. We didn't leave enough time between dinner and the run so my stomach was not happy and I felt quite nauseated burping up fish. Ugh.

I got a GPS app for my phone so we could track our run/ride. In order to carry the damn iPhone I had to wear a fanny pack! It wasn't that bad but I felt silly.

When we left the temperature was 91 feels like 102. AHHHH!!! Even that late!

I ran about 3.75 miles in an hour at a pretty slow pace. It was HARD in that heat.

I wore my heart rate monitor and by the time we got home at burned 512 calories. Fhew!

Next weekend we are going to wake up early on Sunday and go for another run/ride when it's earlier and a bit cooler.

Man oh man...


Jen said...

Sweet about the bike racks and run! Sounds like you had a great day. When are you gonna get a bike? Maybe you could train for a triathalon after the 10K! :o) Miss ya...

Danielle said...

@Jen: I will prob. look into getting one in October after the 10k. I won't be working on increasing distance past 6 miles for running after that. No tri for me! I am not a strong swimmer AT ALL and don't really have any desire to train for that. Ick!

The heat was a huge wake up call though and I sure hope for the 10k it's not nearly that bad. Ugh.