Friday, August 13, 2010

Danielle vs. fad diets?/changes

For the past five weeks I've been following my 12-week 10k training plan which now has me running upwards of 13 miles per week and doing strength two days.

I've lost 1.2 lbs.

I'm a little let down because when I started this I thought I'd see my weight loss really increase but alas it has not.

I had an appointment with my doctor next Friday for a physical to check things out and make sure nothing fishy is going on hormonal or thyroid-wise.

You may have read that I get acupuncture for facial pain.Well, my acupuncturist sells a 9-day cleanse that claims it helps with things such as fatigue, digestive issues and weight loss. The idea of dropping 7-10lbs in nine days is really appealing.

It's a pretty expensive item and my hate for fad diets had me skeptical. I did some Internet research and saw mixed reviews. Do I think I could lose weight on it? Yes. Will I gain back some if not most of it once I resume my normal diet (which is not bad)? Probably.

I haven't 100 percent made my decision but I think I decided on the following:

My own cleanse! For two-weeks I will cut out the crap! By crap I mean things such as but not limited to:
  • sandwich thins
  • baked/light chips, 100 calorie packs, processed junk
  • artificial sweeteners (hardly have any now)
  • sugary junk (no candy, no Weight Watchers ice pops, no VitaTops)
  • no caffeine with the exception of green tea 1x per day max (fall off every now and then)
  • deli meats
What I will focus on eating will be:

  • fruits and veggies (Organic when possible!)
  • whole grains (brown rice, possibly some flax type crackers)
  • beans
  • lean protein (Organic only)
This is going to end up being more expensive than the cleanse but it will be better!

So that is my plan for now. The next thing I might try is cutting gluten out for a week to see how I feel.

Weigh-in tomorrow! Wish me luck! :)

After dinner at Bern's I'll be happy to maintian but after tonights 4.25 (longest so far!) mile run I hope to be down a least a bit!

I'll leave you with a photo of John and I last October in D.C. on a Segway tour! It was awesome and I highly reccomend it!

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Kitzzy said...

Sounds like you are doing great! As far as your cleanse, you should take the 10-day real food pledge with me. Check it out I'm starting tomorrow.