Thursday, July 29, 2010

training update

So I have been doing great with my training plan the last two and a half weeks.

Today was a short run/strength day for me. I was going to go before work but I've been super tired lately. I think it's because I started taking BC. Anyway...this morning my stomach was also feeling really upset and nauseated. I slept in and when I got up for work I even debated calling in but I sucked it up and got ready.

My stomach still isn't 100 percent but it's better. After work I had my bi-weekly acupuncture appointment and I can't work out afterwards so it was my first missed training day.

At first I was really upset and debating all the options to make today up or go anyway after acupuncture but I read this article online about missed training days. Basically I need to listen to my body and rest if I'm not feeling week. One missed day isn't going to make or break me. It said to just skip that day and move forward so that is what I'm going to do.

Tomorrow is a 3.8 mile run (longest distance so far) which I plan to do after work.

Hoping for a good weigh-in on Saturday. I want to be down at least one. I've had an eh week but stil on program.

I got a new 3-month journal in the mail from my mom (my location has been out for weeks) and plan to start using that Saturday.

We are going to the Rays vs. Yankees game Saturday (go Yankees!) and are getting dinner with my parents beforehand. I don't want to use WAP if I can manage so I have to eat a light breakfast and lunch. Luckily it's an early dinner. :)

I'll come back to post Saturday!

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