Saturday, July 31, 2010

Week 3 of 10k training/weigh-in/negative thinking

Let's start with discussing week 3 of training. Overall it went good. As mentioned earlier I missed my short run/strength day because I wasn't feeling great but I picked up yesterday and faced my 3.8 mile run. Yesterday was an annoying day for me so I was excited to run because it helps clear my mind.

I started my run at a 5.2. I've noticed the past week or so while my legs get tired from running I wasn't dying out of breath. I think it's because my fitness is improving. I had been starting at 5.0 so I wanted to kick it up.

I ended up passing the 3.8 and went for the 4. I felt good and said, "Oh, why the hell not?" Some days I'm off and some days I'm on and today I felt good enough to do it.

I increased my speed as I went.

Mile 1: 5.2 pace
Mile 2: 5.3 pace
Mile 3: 5.4-5.5
Mile 4: 5.5-6.0

I only pushed to 6.0 the last .3 or so but wanted to finish strong like I would in a race.

One thing I do when I run is try to envision myself at my goal weight. You could envision yourself in your wedding dress looking thin and great (Did I do this? Maybe. Am I getting married? No. Don't judge me.) It really helps me focus on the goal of finishing a run.

When I finished I felt great. I honestly can say I feel in the best shape of my life. Am I at my lowest weight, no. When I was could I run 4 miles, hell no.

So today I headed to Weight Watchers feeling good but also wary because I knew I use all my WAP which is a bad idea for me. I do not have a fast metabolism and over the last five years have learned if I want to lose I can't use them all.

I got on the scale and the woman goes to me, "Up a little, .2."

I just laughed. "Seriously life? Funny joke! I just did something last night that made me feel great and now you have me GAIN?!"

I went to sit in my chair before the meeting began and tried to clear my negative thoughts.

Normally in these situations I turn into the most negative person ever. Honestly, it's quite sad. I think things like, "I'm a fat piece of shit who will never get to my goal." Often times I've come home crying and hysterical.

Today when I was driving home those negative thoughts crept in and I thought NO. I read on a blog about a concept from some book about replacing every negative thought with a positive one and soon you will push them all way.

"You are beautiful and strong and accomplishing a lot. It might take a while but you will get there."

I said it to myself three times. I felt better.

Did it cure me of my negative thoughts? No. It helped though. I think it's a great strategy for me to start using.

What I said to myself is true! Go away negative thoughts, you're not welcome!

So I leave you with that for today.

Tonight I have a challenge. We are going to see the Rays play the Yankees (go Yanks!) and meeting my parents for dinner before. Mexican!!!

My friend Jen helped me make a game plan for dinner and I know what I'm ordering and eating.

I will have three points left after dinner and I am going to bring a snack to the game to tide me over.

Tomorrrow I have another 3.8 (or 4) mile run so today I rest.

I'll leave you with a picture. John and I at the new Yankee Stadium last July. :) Go Yankees!


Jen said...

YAY dude this is a great post! You had those negative thoughts and were disappointed and you said SCREW THAT and made a game plan for dinner. That is what it is all about. You recognize what you need to do differently, are proud of your accomplishments, and know you are going to get to goal, no ifs ands or buts. This is my favorite entry of yours I have is about facing real-life curveballs (pun intended, sorry lol) and overcoming them, and making positive changes - physically AND mentally - to get where you want to be. I am very proud of you, and you motivate me to suck it up and run longer! <3 Good luck tonight. You'll do great!

Tamara said...

Good for you with working on the positive thinking! When you experience something like a good, long run, the scale isn't always going to recognize that, so don't let that number turn into the end-all/be-all of your week. You're doing awesome and motivating me and my own running plan, so keep up the good work! And you look beautiful in your picture; I've seen other pics of you before and you really do have stunning features, .2 lbs gain or not :)

I'm notorious for being too hard on myself, but turning negatives into positives really does make a difference eventually. Keep it up!