Monday, June 28, 2010

Practice 5k on 6/27/10 & cupcakes (odd combo)

So yesterday I wanted to do a practice 5k. Basically just run the length of a 5k at the gym. I didn't get up nearly early enough to try one outside so unless I wanted to run in 97 degree weather that was out.

I did a brisk walk to warm up walking to the gym and then a few min. on the treadmill. Then I selected the 5k program.

I usually practice my running at a 5.0. I feel comfortable with it and know I can make it though at that speed. I wanted to push myself though and try a 5.5 I'll be honest, I didn't think I was going to be able to do it. I told John at least twice I didn't think so. He of course said he knew I could if I pushed myself because I've been conditioning enough for it.

Once I started I felt good. It wasn't as fast  feeling as I thought and I just put a towel over the time and ran and jammed out to music.

I checked the time a few times. Around the second mile I was tired and hot (the gym wasn't that cool, grr...). At this point though I knew I could do it. Unless I fainted I was not slowing down.

I kept on and around the last half-mile or so I went up to 5.7 which wasn't a huge difference. The last tenth of a mile (which I sprint in 5k's) I did at a 6.5.

I finished my practice 5k in: 33:31!

I felt awesome. I've been a bit down lately and it made me feel good.

I am hoping I can replicate this time Sunday for the Watermelon 5k on the 4th of July! John is coming to cheer me on and take some pics. :)

In other news we made patriotic cupcakes last night for John to bring to work this week! They were red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Here is a photo of me licking icing and accidentally getting it in my hair. :(

I am making a sad face because it was so typical fatty to get icing in my hair licking something. :P I ate about 5 points of icing. :( Oh well! I didn't eat a cupcake. Well I tried a bite of John's.

The final result. :)

I want to open a cupcake shop! heh.


Jen said...

LOL at getting the icing in your hair haha. Aw I'm proud of you for not eating one! And that 5K time is awesome! I see what you do there with the shirt! <3

I may or may not have had Ricky go to Sweet to get me a couple minis last night... :x But I still have 10 WAPs left so score! Hope it pays off on the scale tomorrow. I am going to be awesome today and run another 5K after work...soooo keeping my fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

LOL I remember when we made cupcakes for John's birthday and we ate like half of one and were very alarmed by that.


Claire said...

Yay! You are in way better shape than I am.

Btw, we should open a pastry shop. Cupcakes are so in right now.