Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Watermelon 5k! July 4, 2010

So this weekend I did the Watermelon 5k with Jen and Ricky and John came along for support and to take photos. :)

The race started at 7:30 a.m. and it was packed! The announcer said over 2,600 were running.

Behind us! So many people!

Ricky and I stretching before the race.

The humidity was BRUTAL. I'd say the temperature was around 86 but felt like 90. The course also had a a few little hills and a decent amount on brick roads which felt weird to run on.

The first half-mile it was so crowded and we had to weave in and out around people which cost us time and energy.

The race wasn't chip timed but I wore my watch so I knew we didn't cross the start line until about 1:45-1:55 behind the starters.

For some reason after I hit mile 2 things got hard. I'd say this was my hardest race. Maybe it was the humidity level but it sucked! I had to stop myself from walking a few times.

Jen and I stayed together and crossed the finish line at approx. 37:30. I forgot to look at my watch at the end. Oops! That is a high estimate and we think it might have been a bit less but I'm going with that time.

Here is the only pic John could get of Jen and I running by about to cross the finish line.

I had my final pair of new shoes on (Brooks Adrenaline 10) and I like them. :)

The next 5k I'm doing is going to be in September so that gives me a bit more time to train in between. My goal for that is under 35.

In other news, my back started hurting me last night and it got worse and worse. I could hardly get out of bed this morning so I am home from work. :( I have no idea how I hurt it. Going to acupuncture at 2 and hoping that and ice/heat all day will help.

I'm going to start posting about my weigh-ins again next week! Keep an eye out!


Jen said...

Lol, the pic where I look mentally challenged, sigh. Yay I'm so happy we ran the whole thing! Proud of you and us. <3 Muah. Hope your back feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Jen, that last picture is great. :-D

Congrats to you both!