Thursday, June 24, 2010

Photos From I Love Fathers Day 5k on 6/20/2010

Before the race! Me, Kim, Mary and Laura

Me somewhere in the first mile I think...I look so serious.

Me coming in through the finish. Take off 16 seconds for the late start and you have my 38:40! I need to work on looking cuter when I run. At least when I finish a race!

Everyone at the end of the race, tired, red and sweaty! In order of finishing! Mary got second fastest girl! Way to go! *Note to self: light blue shirt shows sweat A LOT

Overall it was a great time. Seeing some of these photos really motivated me to lose this weight. It's all in my mid-section and it sucks.

Speaking of...woke up at 6 a.m. to run today before work. It wasn't that bad! :)

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Jen said...

You did so great! I'm so proud of you and happy to hear that you are so motivated to keep running and to reach your goals. Yay!