Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lack of posting and happy news.

Sorry I have been so absent for a while. I realize I may not post every day but I should post a few times a week.

Anyway, I had been down weight-wise two weeks in a row but then I had two weekends in a row of birthday celebrations and well...yeah.

So I am moving forward and not looking back...

I am almost done with week 5 of Couch to 5k! My next day (Wednesday) is my 20 min. run! Yikes! Today I had the two 8 min. runs which wasn't that bad. I was super sweaty but I survived.

A few girls at work want to lose weight and we started a weight-loss "challenge" but are going to mainly motivate each other to get to our goals. One girl at work is a marathon runner and is going to workout with us once or twice a week because she knows a lot about fitness. :)

In other good news my gym (Lifestyle Family Fitness) is a bit of a ripoff. It's normally $39.99 a month but I signed up for $29.99 a month (+tax) when I joined so that isn't too bad. The real rip-off comes with the fact they charge an extra $10 a month to have access to their spinning classes. WHAT? I sneak in all the time but it sucks. So today I went in saying I was going to cancel because two gyms near my work are the same monthly fee and include spinning and the guy told me to call corporate and they will add it for me. NICE! Always worth it to ask!

My company has started a Step It Up challenge and has milestone goals and gave everyone pedometers. They are crappy but do the job. If we get to 150,000 steps by June 1st we get a legit one! There are more prizes after that. The challenge goes though July! It's nice to see everyone making an effort to be move active.

I think I am going to do a 5k in June with Jen and Ricky. John might do it but he won't run the whole thing. He isn't conditioned enough for it. Hopefully we have time for me to help him work up to it a little bit. My goal is to finish it under 35 min. :)

I guess I will leave you with the delicious dinner I made tonight! Chicken Puttanesca Style. Yum! It was on the Weight Watchers website. Super easy to make and so flavorful! We had it with some roasted asparagus. :) Even John loved it. The recipe said it was 4 points each but I counted 5 to be safe because my piece of chicken seemed a little bigger.

Off I go! I am feeling very motivated and positive so I am hoping I KNOW I will reach my goals this year.

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Jen said...

I'm glad you have the same 5K goal as me! We can push each other! :o)