Monday, April 26, 2010

Diet fads make me angry.

Let me start off by saying that the only "diet" I support is Weight Watchers. It's not a traditional diet. It teaches you to make right choices, eat in moderation and be active. You can eat whatever you want in theory!

This new diet came to my attention recently and it straight up sickens me. It's the HCG diet. You can read about it here. If you really think injecting yourself with hormones so you can trick your body into thinking its' pregnant is the best way to lose weight, good luck. I don't care what doctor endorses this. It's outright disgusting.

It's as simple as this: FAD DIETS DON'T WORK.

In short, this diet has you doing hormone injections and eating a 500 calorie a day diet. Yes, you heard me right, 500 little calories a day. Wow. That promotes healthy living, huh?

Sure this diet is a little extreme but there are many of these diets out there. Let me proceed to hate on them all. :)

Jenny Craig/Nutrisysem: Are you going to go your whole life eating pre-packaged foods to force you to practice portion control? Once you run out or money and/or get sick of it you'll see the pounds coming right back on.

Vitamin/B12 injections: Again, this may suppress your appetite but once you stop these cute little needles from sticking you your body will level out and you'll be hungry as ever!

Low-carb diets: I don't believe in the straight-up low carb diet. I think it's beneficial to limit carbs and watch sugars but there is no harm in eating carbs here and there! These diets again will only work until you stop them. You're depriving yourself and that is never good.

What other diets are out there for me to hate on? Okay, okay I'll stop. I just hate fad diets!

Please, if you come across my blog or know me and want to lose weight or start living healthier I urge you to e-mail me or comment I'd be glad to give you tips and resources on getting started. In fact I'll post some links right now.

If you'd like a more structured diet program please check out Weight Watchers. I lost all my weight following their program.

For counting calories on own check out The Daily Plate!

I'm always willing to help people make smart choices for their health.

Better get back to work...


Jessica said...

I have never heard of the HCG diet and it sickens me as well. It is sad that people see that as an okay way to lose weight. 500 calories a day is basically being anorexic. It just sounds like a bad idea. Fad diets don't work, you are right. Thanks for this post and I hope more people read it and realize that weight watchers works!

Jen said...

WW is the only diet that has worked for me too, because it is the only realistic one.

I tried this once, hah, years ago...

Once I got to Day 4 I gave up. Papaya all day? No thanks...

And, oddly enough, the creator of the diet died of clogged arteries. Hm! Makes you think.

mathilda said...

A co-worker of mine was talking about the HCG diet...and was wanting to try it. The lengths people will go to to shed pounds boggles my mind.

While by no means "easy", moderation with food and increased activity is a pretty simple concept (again -- NOT always easy to practice!) and is the only way I have sustained any significant loss.

Also, any diet that prohibits delicious and healthy FRUIT is insane (coming from someone who did Atkins/very low carb).

I agree that the WW model is one of the few (if only) eating plans that promotes moderation.

8glassesdaniella said...

I agree with these aforementioned sentiments. I think the atkins jerk died of heart malfunctions too. Jerk.