Thursday, March 11, 2010

One picture...oops!

So I only managed to get a photo of one thing I ate. It's kind of hard getting photos of everything and getting them uploaded. I am still trying to perfect this so it's easy enough for me to do long term!

Anyway, I got to bed last night pretty early and slept well. I did wake up around 11:30 p.m. and eat a handful of pretzels. John tried to stop but I get evil when I'm in my sleepy snack fits so alas I won. I put pretzels points into today's points which you will see later. I also had a popcorn snack last night which put me two points over. I ate dinner too early so I ended up needing that extra snack. Boo.

For breakfast I made my 1 point coffee and had an Alternative Bagel and WW cream cheese for 2 points. I also counted 2 points for pretzels from my bad little snack last night.

For a mid-morning snack I had a Yoplait Parfait Delight for 2 points. I highly recommend these! I also recommend the Jello Sugar-Free mousse.

For lunch today I had a frozen mean. Eggplant Rolletini for 3 points and a small salad for 2 points.

Later in the day I had a 0% Chobani Greek Yogurt in the vanilla flavor for 2 points.

I had acupuncture after work and got home a little before 7 p.m.

For dinner I had a sandwich which was an Arnolds Sandwich Thin, Boars Head Blazin' Buffalo Chicken Breast(2oz) and a little avocado for a total of 4 points. I had some pretzels on the side for 2 points.

I had dinner and then I have a confession...I ate two WW ice cream cones. Fail. I've been super good about not going crazy on that stuff but I guess my monthly visitor caused my chocolate craving to go off the charts and I couldn't resist. The cones are two points but if you eat two of them it's 5 points.

It wasn't a tragic disaster but still not good.

I am excited to see my doctor Monday and hope to get the OK on going back to the gym.

I am going to my WW meeting this Saturday no matter what. I may have my monthly guest still and may not have been able to work out but I feel like I've been in control this past week and even though I've used most of my WAP I feel good.

I am hoping to weigh-in around 175 but since Aunt Flo is here I hope for 177 max.

John and I are going to Atlantis in the Bahamas May 6th which is 5-6 weeks away and I want to be at 165. If I can get back to the gym I know I can do it.

Time to go read more HP!

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