Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tired, tired, moody...

I sucked at photos today. I was super busy all day and running around so I only got a few pics.

I am stressed out about this possible(probable) move and I'm also feeling moody about other things.

For breakfast I had my coffee for 1 point and an Alternative Bagel and Weight Watchers cream cheese for 2 points.

For a mid-morning snack I had 3 points worth of pretzels.

I met John over lunch to look at an apartment. Before we did that we met at Subway and I had a 6" turkey sub for 5 points and 2 points worth of chips.

Later in the day I had a 2 point Yoplait Delight. I got the chocolate/raspberry one and it was really good!

For dinner I made a decent size salad for 1 point and had left over turkey loaf for 4 points.

Finally I had a Weight Watchers ice cream cone for 2 points.

I'm half-watching ANTM but I think I'll go read some more Harry Potter soon.

I'm hoping for a more relaxed day tomorrow!

Since I did a lot of running around today I'm counting that extra point I went over as earned in activity. Argue with me if you want but that's my theory! ;)

25/24 daily points used
10/35 weekly allowance points


mathilda said...


I am totally going to try that Turkey Loaf this weekend. Thanks for the tip!

Danielle said...

Yay! It was really good!