Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I hate Tuesdays.

Tuesdays are the busy day at work for me and are always a long day.

I had acupuncture after work so that was nice (yet expensive).


Last night I ended up snacking more bringing me to 25/35 weekly used. That was an even 10 used and like always. Just gotta stick to my daily points and not snack at night! UGH.

This morning for breakfast I had a bagel thin(these are Thomas brand) and a WW cream cheese. You will also see my Smart Water which I usually drink one each day and at least one other small bottle. My breakfast was 2 points and my coffee was 1 point.

I felt hungry around 10:45 a.m. and didn't want my pudding. I ended up going to the vending machine and getting a granola bar which was 4 points which is pretty high for a mid-morning snack. I also had my diet root beet. I quit drinking caffeine for health reasons over a month ago now. :)

For lunch today I ate at my desk (which is always fun) and had Michael Angelo's Natural Eggplant Rolletini frozen meal. It's usually with the organic frozen foods. It's only 3 points and yummy! I also had a small apple for 1 point.

Was busy at work all day but later in the afternoon I ate my 1 point pudding my 0 point veggies.

I didn't get home until 6:30 but I wanted to make this other WW recipe I found for stuffed chicken. It's stuffed with spiniach, feta, onion and lemon zest. Sounds good, right? Wrong...

OH! Side note...I had a snack of baked chips for 3 points while cooking.

It was really difficult to make and hard to get the chicken cooked through. It tasted okay but I wouldn't make it again. A serving is four points but I didn't eat all mine so I counted it as 3 points. My serving of cous cous was 3 points as well.

For dessert I had a WW Ice Cream cup for 2 points and I crushed one Thin Mint cookie into it for 1 point more.

That should be all the eating for today!

In other news I decided to take off an extra five allowance points for BLTs(bites, licks, tastes) that might have been neglected though the week. No more of those!

I am tired and cranky so I am going to go. I hope I get more followers soon...

24/24 daily points used
20/35 weekly allowance remaining


Jessica said...

Your blog gives me great ideas for my daily meal planning. I now know I want to try bagel thins! Thanks!

mathilda said...

Hi there!
I am following you. I remember you from WW LJ community a few years back and have always been inspired by your story. You are a beautiful gal, and as I have traveled the weight loss journey (complete with ups and downs...ugh) I remember your amazing transformation and keep coming back.I love your new blog!

Danielle said...

@ Jessica: The bagel thins are great. I hope you can find them near you!

@ Mathilda: Hi! Aw, thank you!