Monday, March 1, 2010

When cooking doesn't go as planned...

Grr...last night I woke up around 12:30 a.m. and felt hungry. I ate a snack. I had also gone a few points over later in the day so I was down to 25/35 weekly allowance points used. This is a really bad habit I have and I need to stop! Anyway...

This was my first full day back at work since my surgery the 19th of Feb. and what a long day it was.

For breakfast this morning I had a Bagel Thin with WW cream cheese and some lox again. It was good and 3 points. I ate around 8:30 a.m. at my desk. I also had my coffee for 1 point.

I got hungry again around 10:30 a.m. and had a 1 point Sugar-Free pudding.

Two new girls started at work today so we all went out to lunch at this restaurant BJ's Brewhouse. We got chips and salsa for the table (ugh) which I was lucky enough to be sitting in front of so I ended up using 3 points on those bastards. That is a guesstimate though because I don't have a real idea of how many calories were in the handful I ate. :( These are not pictured because they are evil.

For my lunch I got a Southwest Salad with no cheese and no tortilla strips. So it was pretty much lettuce, onion, a little corn and tomato. I am thinking that was 0 points but the avocado on top was 2 points and I think I ate about 3 points worth of chicken. For dressing I used salsa which was 0 points. When the brought my my salad at first it had the creamy southwest dressing and I sent it back. Jerks.

Later in the day at work I ate a snack of baby carrots and cucumber slices for 1 point and before I left work I had an apple for 1 point (not pictured).

I got home and made a Weight Watchers recipe for Chicken Tikka Maslsa. I love indian food and was hoping this would be a good substitute since a regular dish of this at the Indian restaurant is super high.

Let me start by saying WW recipies are hit or miss and this one was sadly a miss. It wasn't gross but I wouldn't make it again. The sauce was more like a spicy tomato and lacked flavor. John thought it was okay and he is having the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Here is my portion (served on basmati rice) which I am saying is 5 points as I adjusted the recipe a bit. Looks good doesn't it?

Sadly, if I am being honest with myself and with my readers I snacked on random things when I got home and was cooking. Mindlessly none the less so I am going to force myself to subtract 5 points. This sucks! Another bad habit. I wish I could chew gum when I cooked, but I don't chew gum. Grr...maybe I should get mints?

I am going to have a WW Ice Cream Cone for 2 points before bed. Yum.

Overall today went okay. My goal is to be perfect and stay within my daily points the rest of the week.

Tomorrow I am going to bring my lunch so it will be easier. Not sure what dinner will be tomorrow. Might try another WW recipe and hope for a better result.


27/24 Daily Points Used
27/35 Weekly Allowance Remaining


Jen said...

You did really well! Good job sending that salad back. I know sometimes it's uncomfortable to do, but you need to get what you ask for. Your dinner actually looks really yummy lol.

Andi P. said...

ok.. so this might be a pain in the but for you to do, but I would really like it if after each snack/meal you list you give a running total of points used over the amount you have total for the day.. ie. ate a bagel for 3 points 3/25...then had coffee for one point 4/25.. then if you go over you could either do like 27/25, put it as a negative number such as -2, and at the end of the posts show your running total of what you have dipped into for your weekly allowance in the same manner. Is that a huge pain? because when you keep throwing out points I find it hard to keep track of how much you have left for the day/week. other than that I am way into this!

sectrean said...

I'm so proud of you, baby!