Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day one...hope it's fun?

Okay, so today is the first day! I decided to start on a Saturday because that is my weigh-in day. I didn't go to my meeting today (bad!) because I had surgery last week and have been thrown off. I know it's not an excuse but even though I can't go to the gym for at least another week I am going to be dilligent about tracking points! I believe this week I am around 176-177 which is a little up from the 175 the last time I weighed in. It's okay though, next week will be a success!

I woke up a little after 11 a.m. today so I'm not eating breakfast. I know eating breakfast is good but on the weekends I sleep in so I usually don't!

I did however start my day like any other day with some decaf coffee (I don't drink caffeine):

For my coffee I use Starbucks House Blend in decaf with Truvia (two packets) to sweeten.

If you haven't tried Truvia, do it! I used to use Splenda but Truva(and Stevia) are all natural sweeteners and much better for you!

For a creamer I use Coffee Mate Sugar-Free French Vanilla. I prefer this over the Fat-Free one. Two tablespoons is one point.

Making my cup of coffee a total of: 1 point

For lunch John and I went to Subway since I have a gift card. I got a footlong Turkey since they have the any footlong $5 deal. I only ate half. So I had a 6" turkey on wheat with provolone cheese, lettuce, onion, black olives, cucumber and a little light mayo for 7 points.

We also shared some chips. The amount I ate was 2 points.

After lunch we ran some errands which wore me out since I'm still sore and recovering. We were at Costco and there was nothing I could get for a snack there! John got a churro and I had two small bites. I'm calling it 2 points.

He is making a silly face, obviously. haha.

I decided the other half of my sub was a good snack choice. So I ate it. That half had only the turkey, cheese and veggies. I took off half of the bread (a good thing to do to lower points) so it was a 3 point snack. :)

I had a snack of some turkey pepperoni and bell pepper strips (not pictured) for 2 points.

For dinner we went to Macaroni Grill. Where I met the evil and oh so delicious bread.

I would not let it defeat me! I only had a small piece which I counted for 2 points.

I had a side salad with dressing on the side to accompany my meal for 2 points.

Finally, for my meal I had the Jumbo Shrimp Spedini which is a great choice when you're eating light. Too bad I forgot to take a picture! It was 5 points and yummy. Here is a picture of my empty plate!

Dinner was great and I had a nice time with John. <3

To end the day I had some Soy Dream ice cream for 3 points which I weighed on my Weight Watchers scale. I love that thing. I highly recommend you get one!

Overall today was a success! I went five points over but I had said I was allowed to use 5 of the 35 extras on the weekend and I did.

My goal for the rest of the week is the not touch those extra 30!

Tomorrow night I am going to make "Cherry Chicken Burgers." John is scared of this but it was something I saw on Food Network and want to try to do a low point version on. :)


Points eaten: 29/24
Weekly remaining: 30/35


Jen said...

Yum, looks like you had a good day. We're making wheat pasta with turkey meatballs, salad, and those little fruit cups I think I told you about. Here's to 2010 goals and looking hot for my wedding! :-D

Danielle said...

Yum, that sounds good!