Friday, February 26, 2010

Here we go...

I've been tracking points and following Weight Watchers since October 5th, 2005. That was the day I joined and got serious. I weighed in that day at 256.4. That was the day I decided to change my life.

In May 2007 I plateau around 155lbs. My goal weight has always been 140(maybe 145). Over time I went up to 165 and just couldn't seem to get a grip on things and lose the weight.

Now it's 2010. I am ready to hit my goal. I just had some surgery and can't work out for a few weeks so I decided to start this blog.

Starting tomorrow, I will post photos of what I eat throughout the day and the points values. Should be pretty easy with my iPhone…
I will post recipes when I can and might not always post everything I eat. For instance, a photo of the decaf coffee I drink everyday might get a little boring.
So today I leave you, weighing 175lbs and on a mission to get to my goal weight of 140-145 range by the end of this year.
See you tomorrow!

Danielle :)


Jen said...

Woot! You can do it. I'm excited to read! And hopefully you'll give me some food ideas too. :o)

Jessica said...

Congrats on losing so much already! Blogging can be a great way to keep track of yourself. I look forward to reading about your progress!

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