Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not cool.

So let me break this down.

I wake up at 5 a.m. to pee and discover my monthly visitor a knockin'. FML. At least there is a reason for the lack of weight loss this week...

I get up at 8:45 and weigh myself a few times before I leave for my meeting, please note the craziness.


Let me just mention, my scale at home is about .8 to 1 lb heavier than the meeting, so after confirming that 174.8 THREE times I got my hopes up a little but knew not to trust this crazy.

I get to the meeting what do I get? 175.6 "Down .4!"

I am pretty pissed but clearly another force is causing my weight to fluctuate a lot.

I had a good time today with Jen at the mall and I got two dresses! One for my engagement party from Ann Taylor Loft in a size 10. It was a little snug on my hips but it was a little pricey and I was between sizes and if I lose 5-8lbs I don't want to have an expensive dress not fit. It's really cute!

I also got a really cute dress at Macy's that was on sale in a size 10. It's fitted so a little unforgiving around the stomach but even so it's flattering.

John helped Jen and I make a delicious WW dinner. We used a recipe from this new cookbook I got today at the meeting. It's called Just 5 and it's all recipes with only five ingredients. We did a Feta-Pesto stuffed chicken, green beans and some roasted potatoes.

I am out of points for the day but I'm full and if I get hungry later I can have some 0PP fruit or veggies.

I know if I have another great week I will see a big loss next week, so that is my motivation. I'm hoping to be down 3.6 this next week.

John and I may end up going to AirHeads tonight which is a trampoline place! I might earn an AP if we go!

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