Friday, January 7, 2011

Here we go.

So tomorrow is my first official weigh-in in oh, five weeks. Yeah...

Between my NYC trip and the holidays I need to face the facts that I'll be up. Especially since my last official weigh-in was right when I completed my cleanse.

I am going to cross my fingers and hope my run this afternoon helps that I'll only be up 4lbs.

I'm going to do a 5k distance run today. I know it will be rough with a few weeks of no running but I am going to do it!

Considering everything, it could be a lot worse.

So far I really like the Weight Watchers Points Plus system but next week will be my first full committed week back on program. I'm excited!

I realized that there is a lot of negativity all around us (as well as within us) and I need to try harder not to let that affect me. I have to spend my life doing what is right for me and those I care about most.

I am hoping my weigh-in is no more than 175.8. That means a 10.8 lb loss for me to get to my goal before February 27th. It's super doable and I want that Magic jersey! :)

That will also put me close to a place I'd like to be for starting wedding dress shopping. Yay! I am really liking these two-in-one dresses. It's a long, formal gown with a removable skit so that it turns into more a cocktail dress for the reception!

I must run, but wanted to make a post before my weigh-in tomorrow. I will not let the gain bring me down, I will use it to push me forward and work to see a 3lb loss for the next week!

I hate posting without photos so I'll leave you with a picture of John and I on New Years Eve at dinner.

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