Monday, October 4, 2010

What's next?

So what is next?

Today I retired my “10k Training Plan” that was pinned up at work. It’s done now. I feel happy and also a little sad. I replaced it with a “Workout Guide,” so I have something visual to keep my on track for working out five days a week.

First things first, I don’t want to lose my endurance to run a 10k distance. Therefore, I am going to continue doing one long run a week of at least 5 miles.

As far as races, I’m unsure. I’m definitely doing the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving but that is more of a fun/leisurely event and it’s also just a 5k distance.

Once thing I learned this weekend was that I love the 10k distance! I was able to really get into the groove and cruise for a while. When I run 5k distance it’s so short and it’s hard to not be focused the entire time on the end versus the journey there.

There is a 10k on November 14th in Celebration, FL which I’m considering. It’s a little inconvenient but I’m thinking we can go to Orlando Friday night, spend time with my family and head to the race nice and early Sunday. I’ll have to see as it gets closer.

Another possible long-term goal is the Gasparilla 15k, which would be an additional 3 miles to tack on over the next five months which shouldn’t be too hard. Plus, they offer free pace leaders you can meet with to run with a group. I like the idea of that!

I’d be lying if I said part of me isn’t still thinking about the Disney Princess Half. It’s just such a commitment and like I’ve said before I want to focus on other things. Plus with my knees still acting up I don’t want to hurt myself. I know I could do it but we’ll see. It’s a no for now but who knows if the crazy run bug will bite me. Also, it’s a bit costly and between Dakota’s vet bills, our upcoming trip to NYC and the holidays around the corner, $120 is a lot to do.

Another consideration for not doing the half and sticking to the 15k is I really would like to work on my speed. I am proud of my 10k time but during parts of it I felt slow. I’d really like to work on getting my time down to 10 min. miles (esp for 5k distance). I know weight loss will help with this too.
I’m still working for the 165 NYC goal. It will be close and I have to work hard and be diligent but I know I can at least get close.

In other news, John and I found a cheap hotel in NYC for our trip and I’m really excited. We were worried we’d have to pay more than we bargained for but I found a deal this morning.

Workout plan for the week:

M: 30 min. elliptical/15 min. cycling
T: strength
W: 3.1 mile run (outside)
R: day off
F: 2-3 mile run (outside?) + strength

Ugh, my stomach has been acting up all day! It has a burning feeling that is almost like hunger right now. Blech.

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