Monday, September 6, 2010

Ugh, the sick/flu season is upon us!

So Friday I was feeling crappy with a sore throat and yesterday it was feeling worse. John and I decided to skip our run/bike ride since I wasn't feeling well and the idea of breathing heavy while running on a sore throat was not appealing.

Last night we relaxed but by the time Mad Men was over my throat was killing me. I looked down it with a flash light and saw a few little white spots on my tonsils. No! Tonsilitis! Luckily the doctor I saw Saturday gave me an Rx for antibiotic to take if things got worse. So we got the Rx filled (yay 24-hour CVS) and I took one as well as an Advil PM. We read some before bed and then I went to sleep around midnight.

We decided not to set the alarm for a workout this morning due to my sickness. We woke up around 11 today and I am feeling better but still not great. I always feel worse later in the day.

I am adjusting my training this week due to this sneaky sickness and the 5k I'm doing Saturday. My plan is as follows:

Monday (if I feel okay): 30 Day Shred or No More Trouble Zones
Tuesday: 5.25 mile run (indoors)
Wednesday: short run and strength
Thursday: 5.25 mile run (indoors)
Friday: rest
Saturday: 5k
Sunday: rest (or light run/bike ride)

We just made a yummy quick lunch which included a chick pea and feta salad. I didn't get a picture but it was easy. Just threw a can of chick peas, about 1/3 cup of reduced-fat feta, tomato, and cucumber together. Tossed it with salt, pepper, white balsamic vinegar, greek seasoning and finally a touch of olive oil. It was 3 points for half a cup. Yum!

Tonight we are making burger (Amy's veggie burger for me!), baked sweet potato fries and these yummy organic baked beans John found at the grocery store.

Oh, last thing! I got a haircut on Saturday and decided to do something different and I got bangs!

Me and my manatees! My third favorite animal! :)


Okay, the end!

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