Saturday, July 10, 2010

weigh-in day/weekend/injury

So today I was back to Weight Watchers today. I missed a month of meetings. It made me realize one again how fast time flies. That was four weeks I could have been losing weight that I just spent half-way on program and half-way off.

So today I weighed in at 182.6 which was a gain of 3.4 lbs. Sigh. I knew it was going to be that way. That's what happens when you don't follow the program 100 percent.

I've been running a lot and done three 5k's in a month and gained. Awesome.

Must move on. I feel really motivated and like I'm in a good place. Today I think will be the first Saturday I haven't dipped into my WAP.

Tonight we are going to a Seasons 52 which is owned by the people who own Olive Garden but it's a little more upscale and has healthy options and provide full nutritional information on their site. I'm getting edamame to share and the Rainbow Trout entree for 8 points!

After dinner we're going to see Toy Story 3! :) I heard it's sad.

My back is still hurting me and tomorrow will be a week since it started. It's better but still stiff and sore. Tomorrow I still plan to do a light run for at least two miles. The exercise might help loosen things up.

We went groccery shopping today to get it done early and I got lots of fruits and veggies. I tried to pick things that would keep me on program.

After WW today I stopped at this little shop and bought PB2! YES! I love that stuff as an alternative to high point peanut butter.

I also went to a new girl today to do my eyebrows because I've been unhappy with my lady and the new girl did a great job and was super friendly. I'm going to start going to her!

One last thing, I got a little 5k charm from WW for doing a 5k. It goes on my 10% key chain with my other charms (25, 50, 75 and 100 which I need to earn back!).

Okay I am sleepy and I want to nap before dinner.

Can't wait to post next Saturday about my loss! :D

See ya!

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Jen said...

It really sucks that we can't just not be perfect OP and just exercise and still lose. :[ But I guess if it was that easy everyone would be thin. Counting the points is even more important than the physical activity I think, which is a pain sometimes but I'm thankful we both have the tools and knowledge to do it!

I didn't know that about the charm - that's awesome, yay!