Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10k training plan

So I have made the decision to do the Race for the Cure 10k on October 2nd. I have three months to train for it. I'd say I could run up to four miles right now if I pushed myself. A 10k is 6.2 miles.

I've made a 12-week training plan for myself. I am going to try and stick to it as close as possible. I've already realized my Wednesdays and Thursdays may switch week to week depending on things like acupuncture or doctor appointments.

I wanted to post my plan but the image isn't working. Oh well!

I started yesterday with a 2.5 mile run to ease myself into it. I ran it at 5.2. As I add distance I am going to give myself slack on speed. I don't want to drop below a 5.0 pace but only time will tell.

My plan includes four days of running and two days that incorporate strength training for a total of five days a week working out.

I feel really motivated. I am doing this for myself. I know crossing that finish line on October 2nd will feel incredible.

I plan on running a 5k on September 12th by myself to gague my progress. It's only $17 so I'm down.

I am signing up for the 10k on Friday after I get paid and there will be no turning back! :)

Not to mention if I stick to this plan I will easily get to my goal weight by New Years. :)

I'll post again Sunday with an update on week 1!

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Jen said...

Hooray! Imagining crossing that finish line is an amazing feeling. I can't wait to do it. We are going to rock it.