Sunday, July 18, 2010

Week 1 of 10k training/weigh-in!

Hello, hello...

I'll start off with my weigh-in. I went to my WW meeting yesterday morning and was nervous. I checked my weight twice this past week and wasn't seeing any big change despite the fact I did good with points and worked out five days! I went in thinking I'd have a 1lb loss which is good but I wanted more.

I got on the scale and the receptionist told me I was down 2.4!!! I was so happy!

A few hours later yesterday I had a monthly visitor arrive which leads me to believe I may have even lost more so I hope that shows up next week! My goal for next week is to lose 2 more.

John and I went to Ikea yesterday. John wanted to get lunch there. I was worried because I didn't know what healthy options their food court would have. Obviously no Swedish Meatballs for me!

I got some smoked salmon slices over some spring mix lettuce. I love lox so it was pretty good. Hard to say how many ounces so I used the set points value for lox of 5 points. I had one and a half of Johns meatballs. I had also gotten a bowl of vegetable soup but it wasn't good and I was hot so I didn't eat it.

We were at Ikea a long time and when we got done we did our grocery shopping for the week.

Last night we got sushi for dinner and I used 7 of my WAP by the end of the night. Not bad for a weekend. I don't feel guilty.

We saw Inception in IMAX last night and it was awesome! Go see it!

Today is my last day of week 1 of the 10k training. I have a 3 mile run today and should earn 4 activity points which I am banking and not using.

John and I got stuff to make for dinner all week. Here are two photos from this past week.

So overall week one of training is down and went great!

I leave you with a photo of Dakota with the rat you we got him at Ikea on his back. He is indifferent. :)

Time to go run! :)

p.s. Photo of my breakfast this morning! Only four points!


Anonymous said...

Cool!! I'm so proud of you! I totally ate that same salad with my mom the one time I went to Ikea. I was dying to get the fuck out by the time we got to the ground floor LOL. That place is a death trap should a fire break out. I can't wait to see Inception. Kevin & I had hoped to see it this weekend but it doesn't look like it's happening. Oh, btw, I totally had the same breakfast yesterday from Bagel King. They have an egg white omelet with veggies on a wheat "bagel thin". Pretty damned tasty :) Tonight Kevin & I are looking at wedding rings for him! Exciting!

Jen said...

LOL Dakota. Your breakfast looks nom. I had turkey bacon too! And I used 7 WAP yesterday too. :[ Sucks but only 7 used by Sunday is pretty damn awesome for me.

Yay glad you were able to be controlled and deliberate at IKEA and sushi! And congrats on your loss again. Going to make a plan for upper body and then doing Day 4...blehhh I am feeling lazy!

Danielle said...

@ Kat - It was really easy to make. You throw a little spinach in a bowl and nuke it for 40 seconds and then I put in liquid egg whites (1/2 cup) mixed it and nuked it another minute and a half. :) Yay rings - exciting!

@ Jen - Um, even if we don't earn back the 7 to say we only used even 15 WAP is a huge difference from the past year so we should jump for joy. Lol.

Claire said...

I wish I didn't hate running. Do you train on the treadmill mostly?

Danielle said...

@ Claire - Right now I'm running on the treadmill because of the heat. I was running outside until about May. I used to LOATHE running but now I don't mind it and am starting to enjoy it because it's a good way to clear your mind. :)