Thursday, May 27, 2010

What is it about bay days?

So as you saw in my previous post, yesterday was not a good day for me.

At 4:45 all I wanted to do was head home and take a nap! I pumped myself up for the gym though and drove past my apartment out there and got in the locker room at 5:40 to change for the 6 p.m. class. Only to find that I HAD FORGOTTEN MY GYM SHOES. It was one of those moments where you swear life has to be playing a joke on you.

At that point I didn't have time to go home and make it back in time. I went home and just decided to veg out on the sofa with Dakota (my cat) and have a drink. One of those days.

Didn't end up making it to the gym and went a few points over yesterday which sucks but it wasn't a total blow out.

Today I have acupuncture after work but I told myself I'd do 30 Day Shred tonight or try the Slim in 6 dvd out that I borrowed from my boss. Just to get something in.

Tomorrow we get out of work at 3 (YAY!) and I am going to do my last run of week 8.

Here is to hoping today is a better day!

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