Thursday, April 29, 2010

Run, Danielle, run!

So yesterday was my first 20 min. run on the Couch to 5K program! I knew I was capable of running 20 min. because I've done it before but I wanted to try and keep my 5.0-5.2 pace that I've been doing on the treadmill. When I used to jog 20 min. it was at around a 4.5. A pretty slow jog.

After work yesterday I got myself together. Heart rate monitor on, iPod armband ready and after stretching and doing a little walking I started my timer. I ran around this big lake at work. One lap around the lake is .77 miles. I did two laps and a little more in the 20 min.! I ran the whole thing! I ended up running approx 1.6 miles in 20 min. I have time before the 5k in June to improve my endurance and speed so I am hoping in June I can finish the 5k in around 35 min. :)

I am proud of myself for how good I've been doing!

After my run I did some strength training and by the end of it I was beat!

I rushed home to shower and change because John and I's 2.5 year anniversary of dating is today. He has a class tonight so we were going to get dinner and celebrate a day early.

He got home around 6:45 p.m. and brought me some very pretty flowers. :)

How sweet! <3

Anyway I better get back to work. More updates to come...

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Kitzzy said...

Congrats on your 20 minute run! Great pace!