Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday = FAIL!

So I totally forgot to update yesterday. I also managed to only get two photos so you didn't miss much.

I really need to get back into the swing of things.

Today will be my first day back at the gym. I was going to do a Body Pump class but my mom advised that maybe I start off a little slower and see how I feel instead of jumping right into an hour long weight-based aerobic class. Good thinking mom. I am going to do the elliptical and maybe a bike today. My goal is to earn 3 activity points.

Once I feel good enough and know I'm at 100 % I am going to start Couch to 5k over and report on that here as well. I'll start back at week 1.

I promise to post tonight with photos and all!

How has everyone been?


Tamara said...

Aw man, I wish my gym offered a Body Pump class! Perhaps I need to put that in the suggestion box... I keep hearing so much about it and it sounds like a great workout! You'll have to post about your experience when you go to one! (Good thing you took your mom's advice though- they are supposed to be pretty physically demanding, from what I've read.)

Danielle said...

@ Tamara: I've done the class before. I used to do it a lot a few years ago. It's only as tough as you make it (you pick how heavy you left) but it's def. a good workout! Last time I went I was pretty sore the next day so I def. think it's a good idea to start out with something easier.