Saturday, August 7, 2010

Week 4 of 10k training/weigh-in/sad

Hi everyone,

I skipped my meeting today. I got on the scale at home and after what I thought was a decent week I saw I was either going to stay the same or be up/down .2 in either direction.

This week I ran 12 miles. Three days of four mile rules and one day or strength. I missed my strength/short run day Thursday because things got hectic Wednesday night but overall I had a great activity week.

I think something might be going on with my body. I have an appointment for a physical in a week and I'm going to get blood work and my thyroid checked out to check all areas.

John and I are going out to this fancy/yummy steakhouse tonight to celebrate his recent promotion. When I saw the scale this morning I didn't want to go. Now that I know I have to have an amazing week to see what the scale says if I am SUPER strict.

So I sat down and mapped out dinner...
  •  French Onion Soup - 7
  • salad (no egg or cheese) - 1
  • salad dressing on side - 1
  • 7 oz of lobster (steamed with no butter) - 4
  • melted butter on side (estimate 1tbsp worth) - 3
  • 4oz tart frozen yogurt - 2
  • fruit topping - 1
I feel in control of the situation before getting into it.

Now I'm off to get ready for the day and try and stay positive.

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