Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter post #2

Okay, so at least two people are reading! ;)

Easter over at John's parents was good. His mom made french onion soup from the Julia Child cook book and it was really good (and prob. really fattening). :\

I did my best to estimate and I think I went about 10 points over. I was 10 over yesterday too so I have 15 WAP left for the week that I don't want to touch. I am hoping to earn 6-8 AP this week and not use them.

I didn't post yesterday but at weigh-in I was down 1.4. Considering I had the stomach flu I thought I'd luck out and be down at least 3 but I think a combination of the fact my water intake was low all week (doctor said avoid water, as it flushes out electrolytes), sodium was high and aunt flow is on her way...

Plus I got weighed-in on a scale they never use at the meeting. I know they say all scales there are the same but this one made me weigh the same as my scale at home and my scale at home is always at least one pound who knows?

I am hoping to be down at least another pound of not closer to two this week. I am going to be really diligent about staying in points and try to get to the gym three days!

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